School Appearances

What I Can Do

Have me visit your school (online visits are my specialty) and work with your students. Author visits like mine are a fun, educational, hands-on time for kids interested in writing and the writer’s life.

There are four kinds of things I can do for you, depending on what you need:

  • Discussions of my work. This is me talking with the students about my books, answering their questions, and discussing how I write, my themes, how running an animal sanctuary affects my work, and that sort of thing. Really, I’m happy to talk about whatever they’d like to ask.
  • Workshops. I can conduct creative writing workshops that aim to free up creativity and get the students writing and writing better.
  • The writer’s life. This is where I talk about what it takes to be an author, developing a writing habit, and the business of publishing, both as a traditionally published author and as a self-published indie.
  • Pre-recorded presentations. These are filmed presentations that you can show to your students. They don’t have the advantage of being live or interactive, but they’re a bit less expensive.

I’m happy to work out the details to suit the individual needs of students and schools.

While I’m open to working with any age group, typically I work with students aged eleven and up.

What People Are Saying

“We had a lovely chat with Andrew today. He read a section of The Purple Haze, book one from his series, and we got to ask him lots of questions. Considering we were using Teams and are on opposite sides of the world, Andrew had a great connection with the pupils and captured their attention straight away. He answered all of their questions and the feedback from them afterwards was full of excitement and enthusiasm. He has certainly sparked their imaginations. Thank you so for taking the time to speak to us, Andrew.” — Mrs. Helen Sturcbecher, Learning Resource Manager, The Bishop of Llandaff CiW High School, Cardiff, Wales, UK 

Book Me

Thanks for considering one of my author school visits. If you’re interested, drop me a note at andrew [at] andreweinspruch.com or use the Contact form, and we can discuss what you need.

I look forward to working with your students!


There are two ways to go with this: fees or book purchases.


This is what most schools do. My fees is $360 per hour (that’s Aussie dollars, GST-inclusive). If you need a quote in a different currency or need a half-day or day rate, just let me know and we can work it out.

Online Talks and Presentations

This applies to the first and third dot points in What I Can Do, above (discussions of my work and the writer’s life). For these, we assume:

  • Up to 60 minutes per session (allowing appropriate breaks if there are multiple back-to-back sessions)
  • A degree of open interaction between me and the students.
  • You provide the online link (although, if you’re OK with Zoom, I can provide that).
  • You provide a moderator (usually a librarian or teacher) who’s present during the session.
  • The number of students is class-sized (say, up to 35-ish, plus or minus a few).

    Virtual Workshops

    Virtual workshops are the second dot point under What I Can Do, above (workshops). For these, we assume:

    • Fully open interaction between me and the students.
    • Up to 35 students per session. (If you need a larger group, that’s possible, but we’ll need to work out the rate.
    • If I provide workshop materials, they remain my copyright and can only be used for the purposes of my workshop with you.
    • You provide the online link (although, if you’re OK with Zoom, I can provide that).
    • You provide a moderator (usually a librarian or teacher) who’s present during the session.

    A Note on Recordings

    • I normally do not allow recordings of my presentations and workshops.
    • If you specifically need a recording for some purpose (say, for students who you know can’t be there on the day), then we can absolutely come to an arrangement. In this case, and just to be clear:
      • I own all  rights to the recording.
      • We will agree on the specific use of the recording and what the additional fee will be for that use (the amount will depend on how long you want it for and how often you want to use it).
      • The agreed use of the recording will be for a specific amount of time, usually one or two weeks. 
      • Normally, I will provide you a link to the recording, which you can use in the agreed way for the agreed amount of time.

    Pre-Recorded Presentations

    If you’re looking for a different approach to a school visit, I can provide you a pre-recorded presentation. For these, we assume:

    • Up to 60 minutes. 
    • No Q&A (obviously, since it is not live).
    • I’ll provide you the file link and will manage the files.
    • The file I provide you is provided on a non-exclusive basis.
    • I own the rights to the recording.

    A multiple-access license to the pre-recorded presentation is the same as my one-hour rate, and is good for up to three uses over over two weeks. If you need more sessions than that, we’ll work it out based on what you need.

    Note that if you need a tailored, pre-recorded session for a specific group’s needs, we can work that out, too, but we’ll need to work out the fee as well. 

    Book Purchase Instead of Speaker Fees

    Sometimes, schools or groups don’t have a budget for speaker fees, but they do have budget for book purchases. In that case, I’m happy to work out a book purchase arrangement that adds on a school appearance for free.

    What can you do with the books? Some schools put them in their library (I particularly like this approach, as it means more kids will have a chance to read the books). Some schools give books away to the students as an incentive or reward. And some do both. It’s totally up to you.

    How many books do you need to purchase? It depends on what sort of presentation or teaching you’d like me to do, and how many sessions you’d like to have. You can use the fees cost above to ballpark the amounts (remembering that there’s a shipping cost involved). But this can be a fun and effective way to have me come teach or present to your students.

    I’m more than happy to talk all this through with you. Drop me a note on andrew [at] andreweinspruch.com or use the Contact form.

    Referral Program

    My referral program is super easy and straight-forward. Simply tell another school how fun and engaging my visit with your students was. Tell them to mention your name and your school when they book me. If they do that, then your next visit will be half price as a thank-you. Such a deal!

    I Look Forward to Speaking With You and Your Students

    If you have any questions, or want to discuss your specific requirements, please get in touch. Again, that’s andrew [at] andreweinspruch.com or use the Contact form. I really look forward to working with you and getting to know your students.