The Light Bearer

Book Three in The Western Lands and All That Really Matters

The slightly OCD princess was finally headed home.

Then the felon escaped after kidnapping her champion.

Home would have to wait.

Princess Eloise, Future Ruler and Heir to the Western Lands and All That Really Matters, was transporting the jester who’d killed a king back home to face justice.

Fair enough. 

But when he escapes (taking Eloise’s chipmunk champion with him), Eloise, her guard, and her horse companions must traverse two realms to try to get him back.
The Light Bearer (book three of The Western Lands and All That Really Matters series) is a humorous, Discworld-ish novel set in a world of weak magic, talking animals, stupidly long names, and wäÿ töö mänÿ ümläüts. If you like quirky, clever characters, lively dialog, and fun, ripping yarns, then you’ll love this fabulous third novel from Andrew Einspruch.

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I have enjoyed all of Einspruch’s The Western Lands and All That Really Matters series for the exact same reasons: humour and characters. Everything is lighthearted, unique, and connectable. Einspruch has proven his writing abilities to me throughout reading these books: he is an honest author and writes with undeniable passion.

Emma-Katherine, It’s a Novel Life

Thoroughly enjoyable read

Humor, puns, and a really creepy villain are just the basics here. Add some delightful horse personalities, from Kiiit (with umlauts over each “i”) to the Us, plus Eloise’s traveling companions from the start of this odyssey, and you’ve got a truly wonderful read. The town names, the names of the inns, the menu items…so much fun.
The ending sure was unexpected. So begins the long wait for the final book in the tetralogy.
Corvid Fan, Amazon Review

This tongue-in-cheek, lighthearted romp pays a nodding homage to Discworld and Narnia, with talking animals, unexpected villains, unfit rulers and wonderful ones, a regicide, a Khan-ruled equine country called The Central Carbuncle and, best of all, a headstrong, dependable, adventurous, Queen-in-waiting of The Western Lands and All That Really Matters the young and lovely Princess Eloise.
Having gained control of the powerful stone and survived the Purple Haze, HRH is developing in loveliness, integrity and a sense of fun, despite the restrictions of being a Royal Heir.
In Andrew Einspruch’s amazing 3rd adventure in The Western Lands and All That Really Matters series, The Light Bearer, Eloise must act as sheriff-cum-bounty-hunter in bringing the villainous would-be usurper (aka Turpy the Jester) across two intervening lands to face verdict and sentencing at her mother’s Court, facing a soupcon of danger while learning more of who she really is on the inside and of her place in the Kingdom, as her time to rule grows ever-closer.

Rosemary Kenny, Amazon Review


Animals, friendship: fast-moving, thoughtful fun

The Light Bearer develops the playful, distinctive but highly recognisable world which Einspruch has crafted in his first two books (plus prequels). It’s fast-moving plot full of the unexpected. Like his other novels, it pokes gentle and hilarious fun at creed and stripe – Einspruch is definitely an equal-opportunity satirist. It’s packed with hilarious place-names and jokes.

The heart of this novel for me was the moving description of a wild horse society, reflecting perhaps the fact that the author does in fact live with a herd of equine kind. The strong female protagonist takes a significant inner journey, accompanied by a tantalising suggestion of strong magic. Friendships deepen and baddies (spoiler alert) may eventually reach their come-uppeance.

Janet WK, Amazon Review

 Our Princess Eloise is Growing in Wisdom

I found it fascinating to watch how Einspruch twists the focus of the quest once again by means of the enigmatic Turpy (our villain in diamond-patterned pantaloons). Turpy, the would-be usurper and all-round nasty piece of work, must be transported back to the Westie Queen for sentencing. It is Eloise who must make this happen. She is afraid. Afraid of the journey, afraid of what her Mother the Queen will say when she finally does get home, and most of all she is afraid of the stone at her side that contains The Light because it keeps sending her communications in punctuation…punctuation for Çalaht’s sing-for-her-supper’s sake! Fortunately, there are others who know more and can assist her quest (even if they do take half a day to say hello and goodbye to according to the specific cultural protocols of belonging the herd who call themselves “the Us”).
So much happens to Eloise and her beloved companions on the hectic helter-skelter of a journey home that she covers almost all her known world, seeing much of the country that really-does-not-matter (until it does), along the way. Once again we are witness to the wonderful vegetarian meals we have come to appreciate that will satiate this troop, we stand with them in awe of the strange customs of “the Us” and learn a thing or three about shamanic rites done equine style. Our heroine’s accidents and setbacks remind us that magic always demands a price, and finally we share the biggest shock of all waiting for our heroine after her final bolt headlong for home.
Cheryl Hannah, Amazon Review

 Quirky and intriguing

I enjoyed this third installment of the series. I particularly enjoyed learning about The Us. As always, the wordplay is loads of fun. This series is great if you are looking for something quirky, humourous and light.— miquemarie, Amazon Review