The Magic of Last Resort

Book Six in The Western Lands and All That Really Matters

The only thing trembling before her troops is her sense of confidence. Can this frazzled ruler rally her forces and halt a dangerous invasion?

Queen Eloise Hydra Gumball III would kill for a vacation. But with her attempt to negotiate peace in shambles, the ever-hopeful young woman pours herself into mastering the mysterious power she carries tied to her hip. Desperate for insights, the inexperienced monarch sends her best friend off for research while she scrabbles to stay one step ahead of utter disaster.

After she learns she’s wielded the mystical artifact in undiscovered ways, Eloise dodges malicious gossip and a plummeting reputation to beg her fellow leaders to attend a last-ditch meeting. But when her aggressive enemy demands a miracle, the beleaguered royal worries her entire realm is about to end up on the chopping block.

Can she patch together a brilliant solution before it all goes cattywampus?

The Magic of Last Resort is the marvelously madcap sixth and final book in The Western Lands and All That Really Matters humorous fantasy series. If you like riotously resourceful heroines, epic levels of eccentricity, and puns with a powerful punch, then you’ll love Andrew Einspruch’s clever conclusion.



Book 6 of The Western Lands and All That Really Matters series by Andrew Einspruch, is The Magic of Last Resort, is the brilliant conclusion to the epic tale of Queen Eloise Gumball III’s childhood, family life, friends and her gradual realisation of her magic powers as she’s crowned – and challenged, loved and despised, her deteriorating relationship with her younger sister, whose jealousy and bitterness make her a dangerous bedfellow for Eloise’s enemies of neighbouring kingdoms.

How will the young Queen resolve things for herself and her kingdom?
Get yourself a copy of The Magic of Last Resort by Andrew Einspruch today, to find out if Eloise can finally get her HEA – then tell all your friends what a great series they should read next!

— Rosemary Kenny, Amazon Review


This series is an amazing combination of silly, arch and serious. I enjoyed it very much.

— Anti Kate, Amazon Review


A Wonderful Read

Sad to reach the end of this series. I loved all the characters especially Elouise , Khan and Sparky.
There were wonderful pearls of wisdom scattered throughout the story which made total sense and were a joy to read.
I only wish there was magic to make things right in our world! We could do with it.
A great read for any age from young teens to mature readers.

— Ben, Amazon Review


Funny Interspecies Series.

One of the best fantasy series ever. It is up there with Tolkien, Lewis Carroll and Philip Pullman. This series has helped me to see ALL animals in a different light and wishing that I could talk to them.

— Jayne, Amazon Review


This whole series has been a great read , the lives of the royal family thrown a curve ball when she becomes queen. Loved by many and hated and disposed by the rest no matter what she does and achieves still other rulers try it on.

This last book brings on the conclusion of her fight against land grabbing neighbours and the realisation of what she possesses and what it can do.

With the help of her snarky rat friend she takes the whole complex of annoying matters and fights them.

This book is a must read and I absolutely recommend it.

— Brian Busby, Goodreads Review


Oh my goodness, what can I say other than I cried actual tears reading this book? The emotional hits are real, the world-building and magic is as fascinating as ever and I love these characters so much that it was hard to say goodbye. At the same time, I couldn’t have asked for a better (albeit wistful) conclusion!

I can only hope we’ll be back in this world with its true heart and delightfully named towns and villages again someday.

— C.K Beggan, Goodreads Review


Some battles are very hard fought.

Queen Eloise lll has her hands full trying to sort out Queen Aggie’s beef with her. Will she ever get in this woman’s good graces? Just when all seems absolutely lost, the team comes up with a great idea that they just might be able to pull off. Fingers crossed that all goes well! Fabulous ending!!!

— Angel Ballard, Goodreads Review