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Five things I’ve learned (or reconfirmed) since we last spoke:

  • You can shear a whole sheep with scissors if you have to. The haircut isn’t as bold as with electric shears, but when the sheep isn’t well, shears are stressful and scissors are not. Especially when the sheep has his head on Billie’s legs, dozing. It’s also more fun when you aren’t the only one with the scissors. (Thanks Billie!)
  • The vegan Magnums are yummy. You might try one.
  • Plucking a ripe peach from a peach tree and eating it is a fabulous pleasure.
  • A goose will pray to the same peach tree to let one of its ripe peaches fall to the ground so he can eat it. It is a delight to see his prayers answered.
  • Punpedia.org, an online encyclopaedia of puns, doesn’t include anything that has to do with killing or hurting animals. (Check out their chicken puns entry, for example.)

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