One of the steps in my editing process is letting Siri read my manuscript to me. By hearing the text, I catch things that I can no longer see in the words.

Normally, the way I do this is to listen to it on my phone. If I find something that needs changing, I’ll change it right there using the iOS version of Scrivener. It helps me catch at least some of what I call “the stupids.”

Having Siri read your screen for you is an accessibility option. You can set up so it triggers with a two-fingered swipe. It’s in Settings — Accessibility — Spoken Content. Here are instructions for getting it to work.

Obviously, if you’re not an Apple person, then you can use a different tool. Google’s text-to-speech is very good on Android, and the capability is built into both macOS and Windows.

Happy writing (and editing) to you.